Bolo Pages

If you have a Bolo Page that's not on this list, please let me know.

Please Note: These pages have not been updated in a long time. I would love to resume work on Bolo, but right now all my time is taken up working on Zeroconf (Bonjour). The links below were active around the 1995-2000 timeframe. As of 2011, almost all are dead now. Two that remain are and Stuart Cheshire

Links to Bolo on the Internet and the World Wide Web:

O Bolo Mio
Steve Silberman's famous article about Bolo that appeared in the May 1995 issue of NetGuide Magazine.

Bolo clone for OS X from Genga Software.

A live list of games currently in progress on the Internet

A similar list of current games, aimed at players in Europe

Active Bolo Games
A similar service to BoloWeb, but text-based

The newsgroup decicated to Bolo. Get all your questions answered here. Just make sure you read the FAQ first.

The first official Bolo Home Page
Maintained by Joseph Lo & Chris Hwang

Bolo Aftershock
A very slick site created by Benjamin Foley

Mr Cool's Bolo Page
Links to other sites, commentary, and the top ten maps of the month.

The Internet Bolo League
Organizes 2x2 Bolo games on a regular, organized basis.

Swarthmore Bolo Page
by Joseph Goodman

The U of C Bolo Page
by Vilija Boguta

The Dartmouth Bolo Home Page
by Andrew Riker

UltraSoft's Bolo Center
Maps, Utilities and Brains

Ulfilas' Bolo Page
Including video scenes using the ViewMovie plugin

The Modem Organized Bolo Web Page, dedicated to people who play Bolo by modem

Tiger's Bolo Page
by Giorgo Pappas

Jeff's Bolo Page
by Jeff Reinecke

Pill Box Phreek's
A collection of Bolo maps, maintained by Robert Mitchell

Kevin Ryan's Bolo Page
A very psychedelic Bolo page, including embedded QuickTime video

DogFoodMan's Bolo Page
by Nicholas Danforth

Nimrod's Bolo Page
Including "Murphy's laws of combat"

The Garfield Bolo Page
From James A Garfield High School.

The Sluggo Collection
A large collection of maps, including gif previews.

Bolo Maps Galore!
Mok's Bolo map market

Kenny's Bolo Page
by Kenny Kohlmann

Tzun's Bolo Page
Bolo links, Applications, and information for players, by Tzunami (Gabriel Schine)

Matt's Bolo Page
Bolo maps and links

Bolo Instructions and FAQ pages

Introduction to Bolo
by Chris Hwang and Caine Schneider

Tiger's Augmented FAQ Page
by Cory L. Scott

The original Bolo Manual
(Written by me years ago, so it's not very good :-)

Jolo's Short Bolo FAQ
by Joseph Y. Lo

Puppy Love's Unofficial Bolo Tactics and Strategy Guide
A concise guide to playing Bolo

Newsgroup FAQ Part 1
by Cory L. Scott (aka Kimboho)

Newsgroup FAQ Part 2
by Cory L. Scott (aka Kimboho)

Bolo Player Registries

The Australian Bolo Player Registry
Dedicated Bolo players in the land of Oz

The United States Bolo Player Registry
Dedicated Bolo players in the USA

The Southern New Hampshire Bolo League
Dedicated Bolo players in the Southern New Hampshire

IBL Player Ratings
Organized by Joseph Lo (aka Jolo)

Bolo Brains

"Brains" are pieces of AI code that play Bolo.

Bolo Brains Web Page
by Will Uther

by John A. Wagner and Will Uther

Programming a Bolo Robot: Recognizing Actions By Example
by Andrew Wilson and Stephen Intille

Bolo Commentary

Bolo Information and Opinion
by Mike Koehler from Stanford

A Bolo Article
by Chris Russo

Bolo -- not a computer game, a Way of Life
by Torbjoern Caspersen

Communication in the age of Bolo
by Torbjoern Caspersen

The essence of Bolo
"Bang-bang vs. Anti-bang-bang"

Tempest's Evil Bolo Pages
Observations on the Skills and Techniques of Various Players

Page maintained by Stuart Cheshire
(Check out my latest construction project: Swimming pool by Swan Pools)